History presentation

In history, with Flor, Sil and Martin, we presented how Hitler became Chancellor and what did he do when he was it. Here is our presentation:

Then, a history teacher from ORT, Martin Leguizamon, came to our class and told us his experience in «Marcha por la Vida». Also, He told us many anecdotes from his trip. And he taught that «Holocaust» isn’t the correct word to use when we make reference of all that Hitler did to the Jews because Holocaust is a sacrifice. The one that is correct is Shoa.

And to finish, we went to“El Museo del Holocausto”. First, we saw an interview made to a survivor. There he explained his life in a concentration camp.We took pictures of many things that were exposed. Here are some pictures:

historia Resultado de imagen para el museo del holocausto buenos aires


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