My Top 3 Booktubers

Our teacher Dani assigned homework. Here what I have done:

I really liked this booktube. It was very clear, he talked very fluently and didn’t get stuck. He compared the book with real life, and it was very interesting the way he compared. Normally we don’t do that type of comparison, but he was very clever. He talked about the inequality in social clases. But I found difficult that he started talking very, but very fast, and I couldn’t understand some words he said. However the booktube was very good.

This was one of my favourite booktube, he was really funny, and the way he did the video was incredible. Conclusion: awesome!

I really enjoyed this booktube.



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  1. dbarra dijo:

    Why did you enjoy the last two booktubes? How was the second booktube made? Which aspects will you take into account for your own work?

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