Orange Juice by Michael Rosen

In writing and oral, with Dani, we did a poem based on the poem Orange juice. We change the original poem by writing it from another point of view. I did it with Benjamin Mayol

This is our poem:

Wandering around the neighbourhood
I didn´t know where to go
The chances a family would feed me
were very, very low
So hungry, so thirsty
Poor me, poor Joe

I lost all my hopes
as well as my job,
no one would help me out
I thought the neighbourhood was against me
like an angry mob.
For a reason I didn´t know
Poor me, poor Joe

Monday morning
I passed by a house
And on it´s doorstep there was a carton of orange juice
So I sneaked up like a mouse
I quickly took it and escaped
No more thirst for today
But I felt like a thief
Poor me, poor Joe

Wednesday morning, did it again
I still thought I was a thief
But I was satisfied, though
Poor me, poor Joe

I was feeling lucky
on Friday morning
without orange juice
my breakfast would be boring.
I checked the doorstep and
there it was
I snatched it and ran away
to enjoy my treat

I sat on a ledge
in an alley
and opened the carton
“Bottoms up!”, I said
and phoooooooooor
My mouth was fire
A lactose would calm it
Then I remembered there was a pint of milk
on the doorstep
which would calm the wrath of the juice
Silly mistake, I know
Poor me, poor Joe

And here is my voicethread

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  1. dbarra dijo:

    Great intro to the post: short and to the point. Check tenses, though.
    Thanks for sharing the recording. Try performing it next time: some emphasis and changes in intonation would have done the trick.

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